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Your company, yourself and your team...

I provide hands-on training, advice and coaching to get you and your company performing at your very best.

A qualified coach and mentor, I help from an individual up to corporate-strategy level to improve productivity and profits as well as motivation and morale.

I’ve been on this self-development journey for a long time, starting back in 1979. Now I'm one of the worlds most highly qualified hypnotherapists and an NLP practitioner. I draw on these skills to build employee well-being into corporate structures, to support employees and leaders to reduce stress and to improve productivity at every level.

I’ve gone through Les Brown, Tony Robbins & Brendon Burchard courses (to name a few), read countless books from self-development to psychoneuroimmunology and separated out what really works.

I started my own businesses and worked my way up in the corporate world and the charity sector, finally running projects, managing teams and training trainers. I trained as a Hypnotherapist some 8+ years ago and I’ve been doing this full time ever since, continuing to expand my knowledge in Hypnotherapy and also NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness. I’m presently studying for an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy which, although hard work, has been a wonderful experience for me; I’ve always been interested in the science of what I do and now I’m able to use private research papers that are usually inaccessible so that the methods I use can be truly Evidence Based.

This has encouraged me to blend Coaching and Hypnotherapy in a unique way, to fast-track through blocks and create empowering, rapid and radical change. I don’t fit you into my system; we fluidly create it around your needs.

2015 Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Counselling (BHRTS) (Dip.E.Hyp)
2014 Certified Self Hypnosis & Meditation Instructor (ICBCH) (CHMI)
2014 NLP Master Practitioner (AUNLP) (NLP(Mstr.Pract))
2013 Certified LOA Basic Practitioner (GSF)
2012 Get Mentoring Certificate of Recognition (IoEE)
2011 Certified Life Coach (AUNLP) (CLC)
2010 Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching (Coaching Academy)
2008 General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GHR) (GQHP)
2008 Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Dip.Hyp)
2008 Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master (Chikara-Reiki-Do)
2006 Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures (ETS)
2006 Performance, Appraisals & Development (ETS)
2006 Motivation & Team Building (ETS)
2005 NVQ Level 4 Management (Dip.RSA)
2005 NVQ Level 3 Customer Services
2004 Assertiveness Training (Skillpath)
2004 How to be a Better Communicator (Skillpath)
2004 Train the Trainer (Crisp)
2004 Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives & Deadlines (Skillpath)
2003 Team Talk Training (Age Concern)
2003 Annual Review Training (Age Concern)
2003 Interview Skills (Age Concern)
2002 Conflict Management Skills for Women (Skillpath)
2002 Supervision Skills (Skillpath)

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At work

If you're nervous about a speech, unsure how to improve your sales or need to work on your people skills I can help.

A mix of coaching and therapeutic approaches enables me to offer rapid fixes or on-going support, to manage a crisis or prevent one from ever happening.

  • Overcome anxietiy with public speaking
  • Manage difficult conversations
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve customer rapport and sales
  • Be assertive, not aggressive
  • Learn to delegate, time-manage and prioritise

At home

Difficulties in private often lead to difficulties at work which creates a vicious circle.

Whether single issues such as weight loss or stopping smoking, or deeper, more personal struggles, I will get you through them and back to full fitness at home and work.

  • Stopping smoking or habit reduction
  • Weight or body-image issues
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Breaking negative thought patterns
  • Understanding and meeting your needs


Brilliant by default

Rather than deal with each problem as it arises, wouldn't it be better to prevent them?

Through guided practice I will help you develop positive thinking, awareness and clarity which will keep you on top form.

Make better decisions, maintain confidence, keep calm in a crisis and become a leader who brings certainty to their team.

Business by design

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming well known, but how can one be 'at peace' and still drive a profitable company?

That 'zen' and commerce don't mix is a myth.

My methods put business first, honing the tools and techniques of mindfulness into valuable practices which help you meet the demands of stakeholders, customers and the marketplace.


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

- Seneca

You have your car MOT'd every year, but how often do you make sure that you're ok?

Success requires hard work and diligence, and you need to be at your best every day.

I will help you do just that, by addressing every aspect of the immediate and long term needs of both you and your company.

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