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A natural state which we can induce that is especially useful for tapping into that awesome power of the human mind and creating change FAST!


Coaching helps you to take conscious control, step out of the pack, empower yourself and learn to design your life in more joyful and focused way. Your challenges are opportunities for growth and transformation.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is useful wherever communications skills can enhance results, As a unique model, it teaches people how to learn, how to motivate themselves, and change their behaviour.


There has been a huge amount of research which shows that this, very simple to learn, technique can have really powerful benefits on your brain, your body and your emotions.


Change your Mindset, Release Limiting Beliefs, & Relinquish Unwanted Behaviours
Improve Health Wellbeing and Happiness

Helping: Individuals to improve their lives by changing their Mindset or Limiting Beliefs fast; Businesses and Organisations needing help with Stress and other health and personnel issues which affect their Productivity and Absence levels. Whether it is 1-1 Hypnotherapy or Coaching, or group Training and Seminars, my methods support Empowering, Radical Change and get Results Fast! Break Addictive Habits; Change your Mindset; Improve Performance; Remove Anxiety; Increase Confidence; Manage Pain; Change Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviours & Mood

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Barbara Burgess

It is when we remove self-limiting beliefs and discover our Passions that we come to understand how all our experiences come together to provide coherence – There is value in every moment


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