Coaching – The Secret Weapon of Success

William R. Johnson, former Heinz CEO, says, “Every CEO can benefit from strong, assertive and honest coaching.”

Google’s Eric Schmidt’s best advice to new CEOs is to ‘have a coach’. Oprah Winfrey had a Coach to help her get to the top of her career. Richard Branson has a coach, as does Barak Obama.


Just like these CEOs of large companies, running your own business can seem a lonely place to be. Some thoughts, ideas and plans can’t be discussed with employees or business associates. Taking your business problems home is not usually the best answer. Discussing them with family or friends may give you uninformed or unsupportive feedback or even over-supportive responses!

The popularity of Coaching is on the increase because of its ability to improve your chances of Success. In fact, not having a Coach will put you at a disadvantage in the future. A Coach provides a confidential space to explore your thoughts and will ask the right questions to allow you to come to your own decisions with clarity.

A Coach will not only act as a sounding board for your ideas but also help you to define your objectives and focus on your results. Being one step away from your business or career a Coach will help you see what you don’t see and understand what you don’t know, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses and decide what needs training and what can be outsourced. You’ll find you can improve your leadership skills and productivity, improving both your income and your staff retention. A Coach can help you reduce stress and feel happier as you move faster toward your goals.

It may seem surprising to those who have never had a Coach but even a Business Coach will expect to touch on personal issues. You are not an island so personal challenges can affect your ability to achieve in your business or career!

Most Coaches see themselves sitting somewhere between a Therapist and a Business Consultant. The Consultant gives you solutions, where the Coach helps you to find them for yourself. The Therapist helping with problems rooted in the past, stress, anxiety etc. where the Coach helps you to find ways to look forward and skills to avoid stress.

How much more powerful would it be if your Coach was also an experienced Consultant and qualified Therapist?

Most of the time what you need is the Coach but, now and again, you hit a block where you need the advice of a Consultant or the help of a Therapist. At this point most Coaches will refer you to someone else. I can move you smoothly through these times, using the guidance of a Consultant or the tools of a Therapist in total confidentiality.

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