Do We Still Need The Polymath?

These days we are consistently told to specialise, niche down, but for some people this idea brings with it a feeling of dread. These are the polymaths and for us (yes, I am on that spectrum) the idea of specialising in one small niche area is simply an anathema. We just weren’t designed that way.


To Sleep Perchance to Dream…

It might almost seem counterintuitive to suggest that if you want to get more done you should actually sleep more. Generally when people try to achieve more they put more hours of work into the day and sleep less and less. However, lack of sleep reduces performance, memory and learning.

What is Intuition and should we really be using it in Business?

Many of the world’s top CEOs (e.g. Branson, Alan Sugar and the late Steve Jobs) might admit to using intuition to help them make decisions and yet for many it may still seem to be a bit “flaky” and that a serious business person should rely on facts and figures. So is there a place in business for intuition?